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My business coaching offers...

…are aimed at women who find themselves at an important “fork” in their lives. Career orientation, career change, self-employment, re-entry or confident leadership are all topics in which a woman can benefit from greater self-confidence and empowerment. I support my clients in these challenges, which are important to them, and help them in business coaching to find their voice, to define goals and to achieve them.

They will develop solution-oriented plans, open the next chapters of their lives in a fulfilling way, and increase their own self-esteem to take the first confident step into a new and exciting adventure.

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Coaching for women

No matter whether you want to develop confidently in your new role as a female executive or whether you want to take the leap into self-employment, in the joint coaching process we find and follow the right path.

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Many top performers want to be able to use their doer qualities faster and more meaningfully than the “old” organizational structures allow.

Specifically, this means that companies are more likely to consider preserving what they have rather than implementing something new and possibly risking something by doing so.

A gap is created between the leader’s ideas and the possibilities of sovereign and empathic leadership. Within my executive coaching I aim to close this gap step by step and to release my clients as satisfied as well as confident team leaders and managers.

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Female Online Coaching & Personal BrandingWithin the Female Online Coaching we work together on your professional as well as entrepreneurial challenges.

Topics we will address:

  • Personal branding and confident appearance
  • Professional orientation
  • Creation of a strong network
  • Successful establishment of self-employment (also part-time)

Your advantages:

  • Coaching sessions independent of location
  • Intensive support in 60-minute slots
  • Time flexibility: Also possible on weekends
  • Recording of the session possible to repeat methods in self-coaching

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Coaching career orientationImagine an intense conversation with your best friend in which you discuss your feelings, fears, challenges, and dreams…. except that her best friend is an expert in showing you purposeful and systemic ways to master all the above components through your own resources.

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Female Empowerment Coaching-Kinga Bartczak-Female Empowerment CoachWrite your own heroine story! Find out which topics you are burning for and you can position yourself on them. Solve blockades confidently and without fear. Create a safe place where clarity and security always prevail. Get back the motivation you need to achieve your goals. Create custom productivity rituals to ensure your priorities are set right and their goals can be realized.

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Coaching self-employmentTogether we create a place where strategy and soul unite. A place where we explore your wildest dreams, desires and goals and design a structured and systemic plan so you can devote your time and energy to what you really want: Starting or continuing a successful business.

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Financial Independence -Kinga Bartczak-Female Empowerment & Business Coach

Many women would like to live more self-determined lives, but cannot because of a lack of financial reserves.
The difference to the well-off entrepreneurs and the “super-rich” is not primarily the bank balance, but the mindset. Entrepreneurs not only work “differently,” they also make their money work for them. They find creative ways to systematically build a nest egg and passive income.

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How does the joint business coaching work exactly?

The entire business coaching process follows a clearly defined pattern, which we will go through in our joint sessions. More information about the origin as well as the effectiveness of coaching can be found here. The business coaching sessions can be attended as face-to-face or online appointments.

Get to know each other in person

Come together

We will arrange a preliminary telephone conversation. Together we will clarify your request and discuss organizational details as well as fee issues. As a follow-up, I may give you a little "homework" to help you get started with coaching and connect you with your personal challenge and the goal question that arises from it.
Get to know each other in person
Content orientation


The orientation phase usually takes place in a protected room or during a so-called "walk-and-talk". Here you will be given plenty of space to talk about your concerns and initially put all your thoughts and feelings into words.
Content orientation
Situation and target analysis


In this process, all previously mentioned emotions, situation descriptions and problem representations are sorted, prioritized and brought into a clear context with each other. Targeted coaching methods are used to open up perspectives, create clarity and develop sustainable solutions. The systemic "all-round view" is particularly crucial, so that all internal and external influencing factors (whether people or circumstances) are taken into account.
Situation and target analysis
Concretize change processes


After an intensive analysis has opened up the first possibilities for a solution, the solution paths are now worked out and their feasibility is tested and written down through targeted strengthening of one's own resources.
Concretize change processes
Securing results and conclusion


In the final session, an inventory is taken of developments to date and action strategies are developed to stabilize positive results in the future through the targeted application of coaching methods and/or symbols.
Securing results and conclusion

What I can't help you with is business coaching:

Perfect them

The coaching process is not about breaking down decades of beliefs to simply replace them and make you a better person. You will find something about positioning and personal branding under the heading "Workshops", but neither coaching nor training is about "higher, further, faster" - it is only about your personal inner attitude, your needs and your desire to change.

Present a sample solution

Coaching is always open-ended. Sometimes the solution is painful or not satisfactory. These are also results that can take place. My only promise is that you will gain more clarity. Whether you like it or it is "enough", only you can decide.

Give advice

"Advice is also a punch." As a coach, I trust in the inner resources of my clients and merely support them in recognizing their potential and achieving an individual life and career design for themselves through new perspectives.

Therapeutic or medical session

Coaching does not replace psychotherapy and is therefore not used to cure mental or physical illnesses. The prerequisite for coaching is always that the client's self-control elements are intact.

Duration Coaching Sessions

Coaching is a time-limited support process. Even against the sentiments of my wallet, it is not my goal to bind you to me permanently. You are welcome to come back if you feel the need to work on a new challenge in a solution-oriented way. However, the goal is always to "help you to help yourself" so that you can fall back on jointly applied methods and use them on your own when faced with future challenges.

Laying on of hands and hocus pocus

As a coach, I am asked almost daily which path is the right and most goal-oriented one. At the risk of disappointing someone: I don't know. I don't have a crystal ball, cooperate with beings from another galaxy or practice necromancy. I don't make predictions or help my clients conceive conspiratorial world views - In the coaching process we are open to future happenings, we welcome the unexpected and learn a way of dealing with what takes place.

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