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That’s why the Female Empowerment newsletter focuses on the essentials: you and your information needs. If you would like to join me in advocating for more diversity, female leadership or equality, then this newsletter is just the right read for you. Constructive feedback is welcome. Feel free to write me at info@kingabartczak.de for that.
I wish you much pleasure and success.

What to expect in the Female Empowerment Newsletter

The Female Empowerment Newsletter offers news once a month on topics such as entrepreneurship, female leadership, coaching and personal branding. In addition, you will receive event recommendations as well as ideas for your everyday work and much more.

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I want to encourage, inspire, support and give you new impulses for your own path. In addition to entrepreneurial topics, the newsletter will also cover social change, sustainable leadership concepts and mindfulness. Because female empowerment doesn’t just start on the job.

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