What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is systemic consulting as well as methodical work with managers to improve their leadership skills.

A trusting relationship between coach and client is established over several coaching sessions. The goal of executive coaching is not to support with advice or simple blanket statements, but to provide the executive with the appropriate tools to develop his or her own solutions.

Often other coaching approaches are used as synonyms. Leadership Coaching or Executive Coaching are to be mentioned here. In contrast to these two terms, executive coaching deals with both young professionals and experienced managers and their development.

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Are you ready to be a Female Leader and to develop your competence and strength as such? Then let's go ahead together!

When executive coaching can be useful

Many top performers want to be able to use their doer qualities faster and more meaningfully than the “old” organizational structures allow.

Specifically, this means that companies are more likely to consider preserving what they have rather than implementing something new and possibly risking something by doing so.

A gap is created between the leader’s ideas and the possibilities of sovereign and empathic leadership. Within my coaching approach, I aim to close this gap step by step and to release my clients as satisfied as well as confident team leaders and managers.

For whom is executive coaching suitable?

Female professionals and managers

Department and team leaders

Women who want a strategic sparring partner at their side, who works without judgment on the goals they have defined together.

Female leaders who want to invest energy and time in themselves and their professional / entrepreneurial future.

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What makes a good female leader

The essential difference between an employee and a leader is that the latter has an entrepreneurial decision-making ability that enables her to make decisions beyond what she is used to and knows.

It takes risks, forges ahead, and embarks on daily journeys of discovery.

Your task is not only to delegate and structure, but also to act as a role model and thus to open up new paths for others.

A female leader devotes herself to questions and tasks which seem too challenging, too incomprehensible, too marginal or too dangerous for others. It observes the existing conditions in order to have a positive effect on them and, if necessary, to change them. For them, the business world is a playing field on which they strategically advance and constantly develop their design options. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t experience anxiety or self-doubt at times, but she knows how to help herself by resorting to new strategies and bringing coaches and mentors to her side to help her back up when she’s in danger of stumbling.

Are you ready to be a Female Leader and to develop your competence and strength as such? Then let's go ahead together!

Female Leadership and Coaching as Symbiosis

It is not without reason that business coaching is gaining popularity as a common entrepreneurial measure to promote one’s own skills.

Executive coaching as further training

But how can you imagine executive coaching in detail so that it can become a valuable measure in the context of professional and corporate development?

Why there should be more executive coaching

Let’s face it: no one is born a female leader. We are the result of our experiences and the resulting thoughts. The challenge here is that we are often busy dissolving the (work) structures that have been designed by our peers. As employees, we are used to fixed work schedules, a certain feedback culture and predefined tasks. Of course, it is difficult to implement new work concepts independently, to specifically apply appreciation instead of praise, or to practice nonviolent communication where it is called for.

To move from an employee mindset to a leadership or entrepreneurial mindset, sometimes you need someone to help you bridge the gap. Walking this bridge is made possible through executive coaching.

The goal of executive coaching is to expand the finite-seeming business world to include the infinite leadership universe, thereby creating new opportunities for professional and entrepreneurial development.

Specifically, this means that we will work together on the following areas:

  • Strengthening of own leadership skills
  • Higher visibility within the company and towards superiors and colleagues
  • Communication in the team and a better handling of feedback
  • Correct delegation
  • Sustainable promotion of own team members
  • Enhancement of one’s own leadership style through targeted coaching methods
  • Getting to know new management and work concepts (keyword: New Work)
  • Promotion of one’s own mediation skills through improved handling of conflict situations as they arise
  • Increasing one’s own ability to reflect by specifically recognizing, promoting and activating resources
  • Dissolution of beliefs
"Treat people as if they are what they should be, and you help them become what they can be."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

How does the executive coaching work?

Get to know each other in person
Come Together
We have an initial telephone conversation together. The goal is first of all to carry out a location analysis, which means: arriving, getting to know each other, feeling out whether the connection fits and whether you can exchange ideas with each other in a trusting manner.
Get to know each other in person
Content orientation
We clarify which professional/entrepreneurial questions have been bothering you for a long time and which you would like to answer for yourself. There are no specific questions? Maybe it's a feeling, something vague that you wish would get a "space" and create clarity.
Content orientation
Situation and target analysis
Now it's time to get down to business! We analyze specifically as well as methodically and structurally accompanied which situations occupy you and unmask the underlying beliefs. Feelings, expectations and values bring them into a logical coherence.
Situation and target analysis
Concretize change processes
Now we initiate an individual change process. Individual, because it is at your pace, but not always painless. We develop joint solution strategies, go into depth thematically, question previous concepts of belief and action, and actively get into action.
Concretize change processes
Other accompaniment
A coaching process often comes to an end only formally. Together, we take stock of the situation, look at the progress and gain clarity about the direction in which things will now proceed specifically for you. You have already implemented measures, your ideas gain plasticity and you leave the coaching process stronger. Now you continue to write your heroine story on your own, you make mistakes, you fall down and you may hurt yourself, but you get back up with a smile and the memory of the executive coaching because you know your resources, your plan and you know exactly what to do.
Other accompaniment

Are you ready to be a Female Leader and to develop your competence and strength as such? Then let's go ahead together!

Where does the executive coaching take place?

Executive coaching can take place entirely online (via ZOOM or Skype) or at your location. Most female managers prefer the first option, as it is more flexible in terms of time and location and offers them a great deal of creative freedom. A joint coaching can also take place on weekends or holidays, so that rest and focus (on one’s own challenges) are given as a prerequisite.

Executive coaching is always agreed upon individually with each other. There are no hidden costs here, no predetermined packages or gag contracts. Coach and client decide together which contingent of hours is suitable and how they will be distributed. As a business coach, I create the structure and the methodological framework for this, but my clients have complete freedom to decide which thematic focus topics we devote ourselves to and in which framework they would like to help shape the collaboration in an agile and individual way.

Voices on executive coaching

"Ms. Bartczak was an absolute stroke of luck: Her always appreciative way of dealing with me and my inner hurdles has made me go back to work with vigor and joy. With methods that were individually tailored to me, she made it possible for me to perceive myself as a strong person again. I can really recommend coaching with Ms. Bartczak!"

Michaela K.

"Kinga is an inspiring personality! She uses her skills to help others become the best version of themselves. In doing so, she manages to adapt to the individual needs of her coachees. She was able to put herself in my shoes very well and gave me several tools to overcome negative beliefs. I wish her all the best and can unreservedly recommend her as a professional coach for business owners and entrepreneurs!"

Melanie W.

About the Business Coach Kinga Bartczak

Kinga Bartczak is a multi-entrepreneur, organizational developer, trainer and mentor for companies and people who want to create real change in the world of work.

As an expert in mindset management and certified systemic coach, she has been advising female entrepreneurs as well as female specialists and managers throughout Germany since 2018 in the areas of organizational development, leadership culture and personal branding.

As a certified organizational developer and certified diversity trainer, she also works with her business partner Dennis Jantsch to support companies in change and awareness-raising processes.

With her successful female empowerment online magazine FemalExperts, she has managed to generate more attention for female leadership strengths and the topic of female empowerment. With FemalExperts Consulting, she goes one step further to implement the topics of female empowerment and diversity as part of the corporate strategy in an advisory and training capacity for organizations.

As an author, Kinga Bartczak has already written for national and international online magazines on trend topics such as personal branding, financial education, quiet quitting and women in entrepreneurship.

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