"Corporate Vision"

Believe me: your company needs a vision

Companies without vision and strategy are often perceived as aimless and their leadership as haphazard. The same applies to female solopreneurs or freelancers. Particularly in times of crisis, there is a need for a constant that can be relied on at any time. Ensuring a powerful vision is therefore part of the core task of corporate and organizational development. The vision brings the strategic corporate goals to a concise and memorable formula. It is thus the basis for mission, values, guiding principles, and motivational leadership.

Advantages of a good corporate vision

  • A vision supports the long-term planning of the company’s development and ensures a better market and customer orientation.
  • A well-developed vision shapes corporate strategy, from day-to-day operations to human resources management.
  • The vision is the “backbone” for strategic goals and measures and, through its statement, provides a clear path to which reference can be made again and again, e.g., in the case of decisions, doubts or ambiguities.
  • Vision enables more effective use of resources because it sets priorities and facilitates planning.
  • It makes management decisions more credible and understandable from the employees’ point of view.
  • The vision reflects the company values, motivates and supports to realize the goals of the future.

Welcome to the change of perspective

Corporate vision Change of perspectiveDifferent viewpoints/perspectives come into play when developing a sustainable corporate vision. In the workshop “Corporate Vision and Corporate Values” we therefore consider the organization as a closed construct, the employees as clear ambassadors and recipients of a vision as well as your customers, who should identify with the resulting mission, your attitude and your values.

Once we have all three perspectives together, nothing stands in the way of a holistic corporate vision.

What makes a good corporate vision

In theory, as well as in my entrepreneurial practice, certain requirements for a good corporate vision have become established. In order for this to endure in the long term, it should above all be future-oriented, directional, timeless, useful, emotional, distinctive and credible.

Differences between vision, mission and guiding principles

Often the terms: vision, mission and mission statement are not clearly separated from each other. However, in order for these areas to reach their full potential, it is important to draw boundaries and identify differences.

The corporate vision

A vision describes the idea of how the company should look in the future. It sets long-term goals that go beyond the day-to-day business in terms of time and quantity. One could say that the vision is at the same time the sketchy business plan on which the implementation of the business idea is based.

The corporate mission

The mission of a company describes the essential purpose or mission that the company pursues. It tells why the company or an organizational unit exists and what the company wants to be for its stakeholders, for customers, owners, employees or partners.

The mission statement

The mission statement describes the human way they want to achieve vision and mission. It provides the “how” and guides their staff – the stronger the pictorial representation works, the better! The mission statement is dependent on the mission and thus also in a process of adaptation.

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Agenda of the "Corporate Vision" Workshop

The contents of the workshop at a glance:

  • From one’s own life vision to the corporate vision
  • Added values of a vision and consideration of the different perspectives
  • Inventory: What are the organization’s goals and values? How do employees view their own company? What does the customer identify with?
  • Development of further corporate goals and corporate values
  • Establishing processes for the development of a forward-looking vision

Within small and medium-sized enterprises:

  • Development and formulation of an initial corporate vision
  • Derivation of mission(s) and mission statement(s)
  • Participation of employees & mediation to employees

What you can expect from working with me:

  • A trusting and transparent cooperation

  • Activation of participants, according to the motto: “Get into action, stay in action.”

  • Expertise and experience on my part

  • Increased motivation of female employees to view change as a welcome challenge

  • “Infotainment” (information + entertainment) by means of rhetorical finesse

You would like to book this workshop for yourself or your employees?

Then I look forward to your inquiry.

About the trainer

Kinga Bartczak

Kinga Bartczak is a multi-entrepreneur, organizational developer, trainer and mentor for companies and people who want to create real change in the world of work.

As an expert in mindset management and certified systemic coach, she has been advising female entrepreneurs as well as female specialists and managers throughout Germany since 2018 in the areas of organizational development, leadership culture and personal branding.

As a certified organizational developer and certified diversity trainer, she also works with her business partner Dennis Jantsch to support companies in change and awareness-raising processes.

With her successful female empowerment online magazine FemalExperts, she has managed to generate more attention for female leadership strengths and the topic of female empowerment. With FemalExperts Consulting, she goes one step further to implement the topics of female empowerment and diversity as part of the corporate strategy in an advisory and training capacity for organizations.

As an author, Kinga Bartczak has already written for national and international online magazines on trend topics such as personal branding, financial education, quiet quitting and women in entrepreneurship.

More about me.

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