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Through Female Empowerment Consulting, we aim to support equality for all genders across all levels and career stages. In particular, the proportion of women in management levels and positions is too low. As consultants, we see it as our duty to help change this.

The topics within the
Female Empowerment Consulting

In our consulting work to date, we regularly encounter various challenges faced by our clients. For a better overview, we have listed the most requested topics and are happy to support you and your company with just these.

Shared leadership

Responsibility for a project or team often rests on the shoulders of a single person. Shared leadership alleviates this pressure and supports collaboration at eye level and mutual support. We advise and actively support you in this new form of leadership.

Diversity: Diversity makes us strong

Diversity and an inclusive environment are critical success factors. Whether in business, at work, in politics or in private life. Diversity and different perspectives not only enrich our lives - they are absolutely necessary for innovation, growth and us as individuals. In consulting, we therefore deal with discrimination, inclusive job advertisements as well as non-violent language in the company.

Flexible working structures

We are aware that today's working world does not always provide the optimal conditions for balancing work and family life. This requires flexible work structures and framework conditions to master work and private life. We support our customers in implementing these flexible working structures with various measures.

Coaching and mentoring programs

A mix of coaching, mentoring and special leadership programs is the basis for promoting the professional and personal development of your employees. As trained systemic coaches and mentors for many years, we not only teach you the benefits of these programs, but also integrate them into your company.

Building Female Networks

In recent years, we have already been able to establish global and local female networks in medium-sized companies as well as in corporate groups. The results are highly competent and supportive networks which, in addition to the joint exchange of experience, above all advance the equality of the women involved as well as their own further development.

Positioning and personal branding for women

If you want to drive change, you often need the visibility to convince people of your ideas and views. In Female Empowerment Consulting, we specifically support women in developing their own personal brand and becoming visible throughout the company.

Dealing with Unconscious Biases

Whether we are aware of it or not, the so-called Unconscious Bias, or our unconscious bias, affects our professional lives - from the way we think to the way we interact with those around us. This bias can lead to biased assessments and reinforce stereotypes, which does more harm than good for companies in personnel selection and decision-making.

Employer branding and storytelling

The path from internship to management. Attitude and values that are lived every day in the company. That's what we want to read when it comes to authentic information around companies. We want to feel connected to the future employer. We want to read real stories of employees and emotions. Storytelling is the best way to implement this requirement and create more identification.

Facilitation and the training of Female Role Models

Every team, every company and every industry needs Female Role Models. Women who support each other and pave the way for further generations. We actively support this development and train these future Female Role Models through facilitation. In this way, we enable these women to independently advance the topic of female empowerment in their teams and the entire organization.

Further development of corporate culture and value-adding ways of working

The further development of the corporate culture is paying off. This has now been proven by numerous studies. At the same time, cultural developments in companies are not always planned and often receive little attention. In the process, a cultural process can unleash undreamt-of potential as well as competitive advantages. However, this means investing time and budget in the further development of the corporate culture, handing over responsibility to employees and communicating at eye level with all stakeholders in the company.

Targeted continuing education and training for women

With regular further training, women can equip themselves for the changing demands of the labor market, open up new career prospects or a career change, or prepare for re-entry after a break in employment. However, this requires individual and needs-based offers, which we design and integrate together with you.

We support you in your female empowerment projects

As a well-rehearsed consulting and training duo, we have been working as consultants and trainers in companies of all sizes for almost 10 years. In addition to our methodological expertise, it is our understanding of different industries and our systemic-analytical approach that distinguishes our work.

Kinga Bartczak
Consultant, trainer and coach
Dennis Jantsch
Consultant, trainer and coach

You are specifically looking for a female empowerment & diversity trainer and now you are presented with a trainer duo?

There is an explicit, structural and strategic reason for this, as the topics of female empowerment and diversity are highly complex and require a wide range of perspectives and methodological skills. For this reason, we decided to implement a differentiated consulting approach together as a consulting duo in joint practical work as part of a comprehensive consulting process and within the workshop series. Companies, organizations and intuitions (universities, authorities, NGOs, etc.) receive concentrated methodological and knowledge competence in a double pack and can rely on the fact that the focus is not only on their female specialists and managers, because female empowerment and diversity are topics that affect us all, across all genders.

Our mission statement

Well-founded expertise over many years, seriousness and willingness to perform determine the guiding principle of our actions as consultants. A holistic approach to analysis and consulting as well as the individual tailoring of all services characterize our approach.

Our values

Aware of the high demands and special responsibilities placed on external consultants, the following values and principles of conduct form the basis of our activities:

Willingness to perform, seriousness and commitment

Respect, fairness and mutual trust

Partnership and mutual support

Independence and neutrality

Appreciative communication and social responsibility

Excellent quality and measurable results

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