Welcome to the next step in the area of Female Empowerment & Diversity

Perhaps you have already done something in the areas of: Female Empowerment & Diversity, perhaps you have already done something, maybe even founded your own female or diverse network. Now we are taking the next step together!

Working together for more female empowerment & diversity in your organisation

We strengthen female specialists and managers within your institution, organization or university. We focus explicitly on the personal and professional needs of the participants in individual coaching sessions, workshops and training courses or in the consulting process and look together to see which solution proves to be practical and suitable.

Whether it is the creation of an individual personal branding within the company, the development of a network, the implementation of a diversity management strategy or the promotion of female specialists and managers in management and when filling vacancies – I will accompany you in your process as a reliable sparring partner.

I am also happy to work with you as a participant in a panel discussion or as an inspiring and rhetorically skilled keynote speaker and inspire your audience with exciting insights, methods and up-to-date knowledge from the fields of: Female Empowerment, Female Leadership, Networking and Diversity.

Business topics where I can support you

I support you with your internal company challenges. In doing so, I coach, train and advise regardless of the industry. For the following topics you have me as a professional and experienced sparring partner at your side:

Free initial consultation - our first meeting

Let’s get together in an initial, confidential telephone conversation. During the free initial consultation, we clarify which goals and challenges you, your company and/or team are currently facing and whether we want to work on them together. Please select an appointment or send me an e-mail to: info@kingabartczak.de


Our collaboration in business coaching, consulting and within workshops & training sessions

Whether in a business coaching session, as part of a consultancy or in a joint workshop, working together is based on trust and openness.

Be ready:

  • Commit to working together as equals
  • Engage in business coaching or training with openness, curiosity and trust
  • Confronting your beliefs and convictions on a terrain of trust (for example in the area of diversity)
  • Accept and gratefully embrace setbacks, as they are valuable lessons for counseling or training and show us the next steps together
  • Not to regard business coaching and workshops & training as mere “optimization tools” or a nice pastime, but as a valuable financial investment in your own personal and team development and in the future of the company
  • Investing energy, money and time to get closer to your entrepreneurial and professional goal

If you are ready to change something within your organization or your team, to gain clarity and to take action, then I look forward to accompanying you on this path.

Data protection and confidentiality

No content from our joint discussions, training and business coaching sessions will be passed on to third parties. Everything we discuss remains fully protected.

Since I only offer contract coaching through third parties (your employer, organization, universities, etc.), I explicitly assure you that the content of all discussions will remain strictly confidential. In the preliminary meeting, we clarify together whether and to what extent you would like to have an exchange with the client. Sometimes the company acts in a supporting role and provides the coaching, so we remain in a confidential one-to-one discussion. In other cases, the client wants a kind of “update” on the status and content of the coaching sessions. Here we decide together which content we want to make available to the client and which we want to keep confidential. This is communicated transparently and openly to all parties in advance so that there are no misunderstandings.

Furthermore, I adhere strictly to the Federal Data Protection Act. I do not pass on any personal data to third parties.

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