Welcome to the first day of your new, successful life.

I know that sounds pretty trite, but I really mean it. Today can be the day when you will change your perspectives and take control of your life and its future course.

Regain control!

Today can be the day you become the writer of your own story and start writing something amazing.

Or it can be just another day – unfulfilling, unimaginative, meaningless …

The choice is yours.

I am not downplaying your suffering. He is real.

I’m not asking you to get over it and move on – it’s not going to happen overnight.

I’m just telling you that you’re at a crossroads and it’s time to choose a direction, what that direction will be, we’ll find out together.

Will you continue to do the same thing and get the same results you don’t want?

Or will you choose the new path and live your life meaningfully?

I have also stood at this fork in the road. I wanted to live a full and inspiring life, to support others to see for themselves how much power and how many resources they have. Finally, I too decided to make a change. I had existential fears, I had self-doubt, and I went back to the fork in the road the same way over and over again for fear of making the wrong decision.

Until I realized: the decision itself is just the resonance of my thoughts, if I change my attitude and face my fears, I change everything.

I hope so for you now.

I am here to help you commit only to what makes you happy and to guide you on your exciting journey to find yourself and a new “life adventure”.

Business topics where I can support you

I support you with your individual challenges. In doing so, I coach, train and advise regardless of the industry. For the following topics you have me as a professional and experienced sparring partner at your side:

Free initial consultation - our first meeting

If you want more clarity, joy, meaning and ease in your life, make an appointment now for a free get-to-know-you session. Within the free initial consultation, we clarify which goals and challenges are currently on your mind and whether we want to work on them together. Either select a date below or email me at: info@kingabartczak.de


Our cooperation in business coaching, mentoring and trainings

Whether in an individual , group coaching, mentoring or in one of the workshops, a joint collaboration is based on trust and openness. Of course, you have a certain expectation as a client when you confide in a coach. Likewise, I would also like to formulate my personal wishes for our joint cooperation:

Be ready:

  • Commit to an exceptional professional and personal life
  • Engage in business coaching or mentoring with an open mind, curiosity and trust
  • Face your fears and feelings on a trusting terrain
  • Accept and gratefully embrace setbacks, as they are valuable lessons for coaching or mentoring and your personal development
  • to see business coaching as well as mentoring not as a mere “optimization tool” but as a valuable financial investment in one’s own personal development
  • see yourself, your life and the people in it, from a completely new perspective
  • Invest energy, money and time to get closer to their personal and professional goal

If you are already ready to change something, to gain clarity and to get into action, then I am happy to accompany you on this path.

Data protection and confidentiality

No content from our mentoring conversations and business coaching sessions will be shared with third parties. Everything we discuss remains fully protected.

Even in the case of commissioned coaching by third parties, such as the employer, the employment agency or superiors, all the contents of the conversation remain strictly confidential and you decide for yourself what you want to tell other people.

Furthermore, I strictly adhere to the Federal Data Protection Act, i.e. I do not pass on any personal data to third parties.

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