Why you should book Kinga Bartczak as a keynote speaker:

Kinga Bartczak is a presentation artist. Anyone who has experienced her in a lecture is carried away by her fire and passion.

For more than 10 years she has been working in the areas of personal branding, personality development and the advancement of women. With her successful online magazine (femalexperts.com), she has managed to bring more attention to female leadership strengths and the topics of
female empowerment and female business

As a writer, Kinga Bartczak has already written for national (StartupValley) and international (The Devi) online magazines on trending topics, such as Financial Intelligence and Women in Entrepreneurship.

Your keynotes are not purely about imparting knowledge or even lecturing. Only through motivation, insight and the letting go of old beliefs, she manages at the end of a speech to ignite the small flames that blaze in her audience into a beacon and entice them to a new drive.

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Topics for the keynote

Personal Branding

Personal branding is a common term these days - more individuality, more, more creativity, more authenticity. But how do you find your personal, authentic and feminine path? Which components are important for this and which are considered obstacles?

Female Entrepreneurship

Life gives you the same task over and over again and until you solve it. Which path is the right one for you personally? Why do we strive for more and more meaningfulness in our lives and how can we achieve it?

Selfcare and resilience

More and more people (especially an increasing number of women) suffer from mental stress disorders. Difficulty concentrating, listlessness, overshooting and depression are just a few indicators that serve as warning signals and which must be recognized in order to break the cycle.

Innovative Self-Leadership

If you want to lead others, you must first learn to lead yourself in a creative way. Letting go of previous beliefs is not easy, but only when we know our own weaknesses can we use our strength to recognize and awaken resources in others as well.

Leadership and career development

What are the job success factors and how do you target them? Why are some very successful with little effort and others never make it onto the success podium after painstaking work? Developing and implementing a successful professional strategy are essential indicators for finding and consolidating one's personal position in the business world.

Language and professional appearance

The greatest personalities in history often trust that their thoughts and decisions will be understood by their audience through the right way of formulating and writing them down. Language and writing have always been indicators of power and it is impossible to imagine our personal and professional lives without them.

Financial education

Strengthening financial literacy or financial education inevitably leads to people being able to make financial decisions with self-determination and confidence. What it takes on this path? Above all, motivation and the right mindset, which are brought into the heads of the audience by Kinga Bartczak.

Organizational Development

In her lectures on organizational development, Kinga Bartczak shows how knowledge is used and further developed in organizations and how managers as well as employees can help shape change. In this way, even the brightest minds see a motivating future perspective after the change.

Previous lectures and keynotes

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