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The most frequent inquiries I receive as a consultant and trainer are from companies that have a high level of personnel potential with regard to topics such as female empowerment, diversity or female leadership, but do not know how to promote or inspire this potential in a targeted manner.

I know from my own experience that there are often ready-made programs, subsidies or further training courses. However, the key to success lies more in focusing on individual support and a female network in order to make targeted use of the synergies from knowledge transfer and empowerment.

For this reason, I see my task as a consultant and trainer as creating a space in which an open, appreciative and content-rich exchange is possible through exciting content, inspiring methods and connecting experiences.

In my workshops, I would like to support women in finding fulfillment in their tasks and developing a professional life vision.

Whether you are looking for strategic knowledge transfer, intensive support or the development of targeted action strategies, I will support you and your employees on your path to professional success.

…I then have the opportunity to adapt the training concepts so that they fully meet your specific needs and requirements.

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I offer trainings and workshops (also in-house) on the above topics. If this offer does not completely match your concern or topic, please let me know. I then have the opportunity to adapt the training concepts or design a workshop that fully meets your specific needs and requirements.

These are the advantages my workshops offer you:

You recognize which “success indicators” are decisive for you in a professional context. In addition, you will gain orientation and clarity with regard to your personal strengths.

You create a “safe place” for yourself that grounds and strengthens you in times of special challenges and shocks. In addition, you will develop systemic action strategies with which you will work strategically on your personal action plan/career plan.

You strengthen your authenticity by developing a positive self-image, expand your personal network in a targeted manner and become your own personal role model. You strengthen your intuition as your internal guidance system to lead authentically and innovatively and to overcome fears.

You increasingly recognize the task that your profession presents you with and discover that you no longer need to look outside for answers or confirmation, because everything you need (competence, expertise, self-efficacy, etc.) is already within you.

“The beginning is half of the whole.” Aristotle

Always remember: you are already much further ahead than everyone else because you have found the courage to get started.

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