What is Female Business Coaching?

Female Business Coaching is a process as well as structure oriented consulting approach. Professional and entrepreneurial issues are addressed, with a particular focus on female clients.

Whether it is through the rediscovery of inner resources, the processing of previous beliefs or the intensive examination of one’s own inner team, which guides and advises one – the goals of Female Business Coaching are to create clarity as well as to offer help for self-help.

Analogous to Female Business Coaching, the terms Female Empowerment Coaching, Women Empowerment Coaching or Coaching for Women are used, which also thematically focus on female clients.

In contrast to the classic consultant, it is not the task of the Female Business Coach to give advice to her clients or to impart specialist knowledge. Rather, it is a kind of open vessel and supports in the form of dialogue to reflect challenges as well as to identify solutions independently.

My Female Business Coaching Approach

I have been working in the field of personal development for about ten years, seven of them intensively in the area of women’s advancement.

Whether as an entrepreneur, trainer, keynote speaker, blogger or female empowerment & business coach, the targeted support and promotion of women is a personal matter close to my heart, because we women are often underestimated, not valued enough and promoted and challenged far too little.

I am the expert to help women with this:

  • Finding their voice and increasing their own self-esteem
  • Set goals and achieve them
  • Develop trust and solution-oriented plans
  • Opening the next chapters of your life in a way that inspires anticipation and inspiration in you
  • Empower you to live the professional/entrepreneurial life you desire.

To dispel this misconception from the outset: No, women do not need “special treatment”, i.e. they do not need special support and they do not need to be helped to take their lives back into their own hands.

My clients are confident, educated and successful women who stand firmly in life.

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Within our personal conversation you will receive:

A structured way to analyze your challenges and target them in the next step.

The clarity, power and appreciation you deserve

A Female Business Coach with over 10 years of professional experience and 5 years of consulting work in the advancement of women.

Why women need support

It is noticeable, however, that women are often very reticent compared to the male gender when it comes to key issues in the professional/corporate world, which can ultimately be their undoing.

Thus, it is above all statements such as “I can assert myself well” (men: 45.4% to women: 39.1%) or “I usually count on success in what I do” ” (men: 56.3% to women: 45.1%) that are answered more positively by men. In the following statistics, it is only meeting new people that the female respondents rated more positively (51.5%).

Our self-confidence and beliefs

When it comes to the key issues of the professional world, such as success, assertiveness and conviction, we women try not to excel too much. Often this is done out of a false conviction of not living up to the expectation of others or not living up to one’s own expectation.

We throw ourselves into training or studies, try to conform to the appearance advocated by society, strive to fulfill all the prescribed roles equally well, and in the process put our own needs, feelings and desires in the background for years.

Sometimes we manage to escape society’s norms and not get sucked into the vortex of clichés and values, but then we increasingly stumble over our perfectionism or suffer from the so-called “impostor syndrome”. We feel an ever-deepening dissatisfaction within us that determines our whole (professional) life our actions and our attitudes.

Due to these inbred behaviors and the fact that the topic of equality has not yet arrived in all sectors of our lives, my Female Business Coaching is often the “game changer” that triggers the decisive change in my female clients.

You are good enough!

My wish is that every woman who attends my Female Business Coaching deeply internalizes the following statement by Anna Quindlen and always remembers it:

“After all those years of being a woman and hearing that I wasn’t thin enough, I wasn’t beautiful enough, I wasn’t smart enough, I didn’t have enough of this and I didn’t have enough of that … I woke up one morning and thought, I am enough.”

But which colorful phases does (professional) life bring with it that lead women in particular into a constant process of change and over which every confident woman can stumble from time to time?

  • Professional and personal orientation
  • Leaving or returning to the previous job (professional re-entry or also a lateral entry)
  • The change of your professional and private goals, wishes and needs
  • Founding a company as a female entrepreneur
  • Marriage and the associated question of financial independence
  • Starting a family (understanding of roles and reorientation)
  • Divorce (new strategic orientation of one’s own professional and private situation, often also dealing with firmly anchored beliefs)

Suddenly you find yourself in the middle of a new phase of life that challenges you in a new way. You develop new (professional/entrepreneurial) goals, want to strengthen your assertiveness at work, discover new opportunities for yourself or broaden your horizons.

Book your free initial consultation for Female Business Coaching now

Within our personal conversation you will receive:

A structured way to analyze your challenges and target them in the next step.

D he clarity, strength and appreciation you deserve

A Female Business Coach with over 10 years of professional experience and 5 years of consulting work in the advancement of women.

How can you imagine the process of Female Business Coaching?

  • Come Together: Arrive, get to know each other, feel if the connection fits and if you can exchange with each other in a trustful way.
  • Orientation: We clarify which professional questions have been bothering you for a long time and which you would like to answer for yourself. There are no specific questions? Perhaps it is a feeling, something vague, that you would like to see given a “name” and clarity.
  • Analysis: Now it’s time to get down to business! We dive down like two female explorers into deeper spheres, always only as far as you want to let us. We look at what needs lie behind your feelings, what beliefs dominate you and what value system determines your behavior.
  • Change: Now we initiate an individual change process. Individual, because it is at your pace, but not always painless. Many feelings have never received attention and are now demanding (sometimes rudely) their time and also letting go of beliefs is always a goodbye and this includes pain of separation.
  • Harbour: A coaching process often comes to an end only formally. Together, we take stock of the situation, look at the progress and gain clarity about the direction in which things will now proceed specifically for you. They have gained clarity, implemented measures and are strengthened. Now you continue to write your heroine story on your own, make mistakes, fall down and maybe hurt yourself, but with a smile and the memory of Female Business Coaching you get up again, because you know your resources, your plan and you know exactly what to do.

Who is Female Business Coaching aimed at?

Female Business Coaching is aimed at:

  • Power women who are standing firm in life, but who have been tripped up by a particular experience or series of events
  • Women who want empowerment, orientation, encouragement and support on their professional or entrepreneurial journey
  • Rebellious women who want to shed the corset of social norms and live their professional dreams
  • Women who want to enter into a loving relationship with themselves and others, need strategic planning or simply someone to accompany a special process in their lives in a professional way and provide targeted support through active listening and systemic questions

Your individual Female Business Coaching

You are burning for an idea, would like to realize long-cherished professional wishes, need orientation in the professional/entrepreneurial context or have an inner conflict that you would like more clarity and support to solve? Then the Female Business Coachings are just the right thing for you!

Schedule a free initial consultation now, because it’s time to complete your own heroine story!

I look forward to meeting you!

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