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From small town girl to adventurer

Born in a small town in Poland as one of three children, I started my first adventure as a six-year-old, leaving our home country together with my mother and sister (my brother was not yet born at that time) and starting a new life in Germany. Finding my way as a young girl in a foreign country with an unfamiliar language and new cultural conditions was definitely complicated, but equipped with trust and childlike openness, it became increasingly easier for me to lose my heart to the new environment and its people.

From the very beginning, I was accompanied by the inner and outer urge to “want to make it” and to show everyone that I can successfully navigate a path even under difficult circumstances.

Then, during my studies, I realized for the first time that I was floundering. The straightforwardness of my curriculum vitae made me increasingly aware of the development I had undergone from a little blond curly head to a young academic, and it was not only pride but also a certain melancholy that gripped me.

I increasingly asked myself, "Is this all life has to offer me?"

During my bachelor’s degree, I was already working as a student assistant at the Integration Team – Human Resources, Gender and Diversity Management (IGaD) and realized that I was ignited by the topic of women’s advancement. I decided to change my field of study once again and thus seize the opportunity to further expand my know-how and expertise in this area as a student equal opportunity officer.

During this time, I also participated in countless events on the topics of women’s advancement, business start-ups, employee management, project management, social media, and much more. In order to make the knowledge and experiences accessible to others, I began to write them down in my business blog FemalExperts and thus laid the foundation for my entry into the sphere of career bloggers.

About a year later, through a newly initiated project in the area of women’s advancement, I got the chance to meet a wonderful role model woman at the Center of Excellence for Women and Careers who recognized my potential. I started working as a re-entry counselor at the Federal Employment Agency. As part of this work, I accompanied women and men on their way back to work after parental leave or nursing leave for a relative. I was constantly involved in this occupation, worked as a trainer both internally and externally, and learned an incredible amount.

Many people still ask me today whether my desire to start my own business arose out of dissatisfaction. I can clearly answer this question with a “no”. It was born out of hope.

I saw so much passion and potential in the people I was privileged to meet on a daily basis while working as a re-entry counselor and also as a counselor and employment broker. I really wanted to find a way for them, through a change of perspective, to recognize the possibilities and resources they have within themselves and only need to “bring out” to shape their lives.

At the same time, I read the book by Jorge Bucay “Who am I? Where am I going? And with whom? And answered me these very questions:

  • Who am I? I am an entrepreneur, trainer, business blogger and female empowerment and career coach.
  • Where am I going? I accompany women on their way to personal and professional success and support them in resolving their inner conflicts, changing perspectives and strengthening their own resources.
  • And with whom? In this process I receive support from inspiring personalities, encouragers, coaches, trainers and loving heart people.

When I had answered these questions, which were so important to me, I realized that I alone am responsible for my life and can decide which direction it should take. As the CEO of UnternehmerRebellen, I have fulfilled my dream of a self-determined life. With targeted business coaching, trustworthy mentoring, inspiring workshops and as a keynote speaker, I would now like to share my personal secret of success with others and support you in believing in your dreams, awakening your resources and bringing your personal story to the world.

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