What are Female Business Workshops?


Who is a Female Business Workshop right for?

  • Are you looking for a trainer who offers workshops for female professionals, executives and entrepreneurs in the areas of leadership and management, personal branding, professional networking and corporate vision?
  • Are you yourself an entrepreneur or a specialist and manager and would like support in the above-mentioned areas?
  • Would you like to support your female employees with new and innovative concepts and thereby not only increase their satisfaction in their daily work, but also improve their overall work performance?
  • Do you belong to a university, public authority or other public institution and are you looking for a trainer who can support you specifically within the framework of an event (workshop, panel discussion, events) through specialist knowledge and methodological competence?

Then as a Female Empowerment & Business Coach I am exactly the right partner at your side!

My Female Business Approach

I create more authentic connections between employers and their women employees by gaining insight into your company’s culture, workplace, and values, and together we use targeted coaching methods to filter out the core content of your challenges and co-design an action plan.

During the Female Business Trainings we focus on the topics of female professional and leadership competence. We develop strategies, strengthen cohesion and establish targeted communication techniques that facilitate everyday work and counteract conflicts in a targeted manner.

I support you specifically with the following topics:

Are you interested in the Female Business Workshops or a specially designed workshop?

Within our personal conversation we talk about:

Your expectations as well as goals of the joint workshop

The approach and variety of methods within the workshop

Enablement models for your employees as well as the subsequent measurement of success

Why we should work together

You and your staff will have access to expertise in systemic coaching, training and mediation.

You save horrendous costs for programs or structural measures by investing specifically in training to work on the problem at its “core”. Thus, my business workshops function as a “preventive measure” to be able to face future conflict situations of any kind with resilience.

You actively reduce the increasing fluctuation and the steadily rising number of sick days by offering your employees target-oriented training courses that pick them up where they are at the moment.

You are becoming an increasingly attractive employer for specialists and managers. Since they do not offer the typical “standard measures”, but rather focus on individual change processes for you, you promote the value creation power of your female employees and thus motivate them to perform at their best.

Those who value their work and are also valued as employees go about their tasks with ease. Through workshop offers you promote the satisfaction and thus the inspiration of your female employees. A nice side effect: Company growth automatically increases steadily along with employee satisfaction.

You support your own personal development as an entrepreneur, leader and role model. No one is blessed with infinite wisdom, so it is a gift to be able to learn something every day. My workshops help you grow as a corporate personality and continue to feel satisfaction in your own job.

You will receive professional advice that includes an assessment of overall organizational effectiveness so that identified barriers can be targeted for removal.

Time for change

In day-to-day business, many companies are unable to allocate time and resources specifically for the individual development of their own female employees.

Only when structural difficulties, communication deficits, fluctuation or an increase in sick days become apparent does a “crisis meeting” of the management level take place and an attempt is made to repair the greatest damage.

A Female Business Workshop will help you to take your view in a completely new direction and to promote female employees in the best possible way.

Female Business Workshops in Action3
Female Business Workshops in Action2

Your individual Female Business Workshop

You would like to work with me, but you don’t know exactly whether your topic can be successfully implemented in a workshop? I would be happy to discuss the details with you and we can clarify the possibilities of working together. Feel free to write to me at info@kingabartczak.de. I am looking forward to your request.

Clients with whom I have already had the opportunity to work

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