Personal Branding Workshop

Take your personal branding to the next level

Whether you are a professional or executive looking to improve your appearance, increase your personal visibility, or are interested in being perceived as an entrepreneur, personal branding is essential for professional and business success today.

In this workshop, you will learn how to build and maintain a strong brand presence. You will learn how to steer conversations in a targeted manner and how to strengthen your own presence towards potential customers, employers or investors.

Become a brand and create a point of attraction that arouses interest and curiosity in others!

In the workshop “Personal Branding” we clear up a widespread misunderstanding, because: Your personal brand is not just your social media account or a well-groomed resume. Your brand is your story, that is, who you are at your core and who you want to be.

Here, a distinction is made between the online and offline self. Your online brand can include your social media profiles, your website, and any articles you publish. But it’s your offline brand that really tells the deeper story. This can include your wardrobe, handwriting, vocabulary, as well as your cultural background.

Who is this workshop for?

The workshop is aimed at executives, self-employed and entrepreneurs who…

  • already have a business or are looking for ideas
  • Want clarity on next steps
  • want to become more visible to their desired target group
  • want to gain more customers sustainably
  • are open to making themselves more visible as a personality
  • are ready to create a brand out of their person

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Contents of the "Personal Branding" workshop

The contents of the workshop at a glance:

  • Identification of the own brand core
  • Definition of values, missions and visions
  • Placement of own brand
  • Find ideal customers and turn them into fans
  • Offline visibility: The right appearance at conferences and events
  • Strengthening your presence on the Internet
  • Making the most of networking opportunities
  • Using storytelling and sales systems to “monetize” your own brand
  • Roadmap for personal branding: from planning to implementation
"This is a very noisy world. So we have to be very clear about what we want it to know about us."
Steve Jobs

Find your unique selling proposition and become an authentic brand

As a female leader, it’s important to think of yourself as a respected company brand. They should recognize the value of being visible and well-connected in an organization in order to climb the corporate ladder and establish themselves as leaders and industry experts.

In this highly interactive workshop, participants will learn and work on the following:

  • Reflection of one’s own basic beliefs and connection with individual values
  • Definition of the personal branding statement and one’s “ikigai” or purpose of existence.
  • Placing one’s own ideas, strengthening strategic thinking, and using networking techniques to promote oneself with confidence
  • Definition of a personal and sustainable personal branding strategy
  • Establishing herself as an expert and thought leader within the company
  • Elaboration of the personal brand and the associated storytelling
  • Building LinkedIn success strategies and using social selling methods.
  • Increasing the ability to communicate with potential customers, investors, cooperation partners, superiors and colleagues.
  • Building your own credibility and reputation through an authentic appearance

You would like to book this workshop for yourself or your employees?

Then I look forward to your inquiry.

About the trainer

Kinga Bartczak

Kinga Bartczak is an entrepreneur, trainer and mentor for women who want to change the world.

Since 2018 she is also a certified systemic coach and supports women on their way to professional success.

With her successful business blog (femalexperts.de), she has managed to generate more attention for female leadership strengths and the topic of female empowerment.

As a writer, Kinga Bartczak has already written for national (StartupValley) and international (The Devi) online magazines on trending topics, such as Financial Intelligence and Women in Entrepreneurship.

As an expert for Mindset Management, she also advises female entrepreneurs as well as female specialists and managers throughout Germany in the areas of: organizational development, leadership culture and personal branding.

For more information about me and my workshops, please visit:

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