My Coaching Philosophy

With clarity to success

Those who stand in the fog remain standing, those who see clearly can also move forward – that is my conviction.  Therefore, the basis of my coaching are the questions “Why  is a situation the way it is?”, “Where do we want to go?” and “How do we get there together?”. 

Furthermore, I follow a clear coaching philosophy in my daily work:

I strongly believe that the future is female and I do whatever it takes to help women lead empathically and successfully. It is also important to me that men and women are able to meet on an equal footing in their private and professional lives – on the labor market and in the business world, through equal recognition and equal pay for equal performance.

Men are our biggest fans and we love them for it, especially because it frees them from the role of critic. I find that most men are grateful when the women they love and respect (wives, sisters, daughters, colleagues, friends, etc.) find their own path in life and career. Female success is a common way to overcome role stereotypes of both genders and live the life that brings you fulfillment.

As a Female Empowerment & Business Coach, I do not propagate a male-despising attitude. In fact, I am concerned with the exact opposite. I believe that empowering women in entrepreneurship or as professionals and managers is to the benefit of both genders. When women know their self-worth and demand better positions (and thus better salaries) for themselves, this automatically offers men more choices. They can let go of the financial pressure exerted by their family and society and free themselves from the role of “breadwinner”. I hope it gives them more freedom to explore what’s really important to them because female success also gives them the opportunity to create a new understanding of roles for themselves.

My customer service is of the utmost importance to me and I always strive to achieve results that exceed my clients’ expectations. Because of this, I am very careful in the selection of my clients, because only when a partnership of trust at eye level is possible, can the results create change.

If you want to optimize your female employees through training and coaching, you are welcome to invite one of the so-called “high-price coaches” who shine with platitudinous advertising slogans and “coach” completely bypassing ethics. I pay attention to a sustainable and appreciative cooperation. Openness and transparency are the norm here. Only by changing one’s thoughts and attitudes, reflecting on one’s actions, and transferring knowledge at a high level, does one create clarity, empowerment, and innovation.

As a Female Empowerment & Business Coach, I specialize in working with women, however I do not act in a gender discriminatory manner. Yes, I myself am female and my coaching formula is aimed at women and people who read themselves as women. I engage and nurture them based on experience, skills, passion and talent. However, if any male proponents of my concept (and we know there are a lot of you, not just since the #heforshe movement) are interested in what I have to offer, they are welcome to contact me. I do not act according to “gender bias” and can develop and conduct a workshop for both genders equally, as long as the basis (equal rights for all genders) is represented in the corporate philosophy and is also actively implemented.

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