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Your path to financial independence

Most employees live from pay slip to pay slip. Debits to the account are noted and every time a major expense is incurred, the obligatory “family meeting” takes place at the kitchen table, where the next savings plan is negotiated. The same often applies to financial dependency on a spouse. Many women want to live a self-determined life, but are unable to do so due to a lack of financial reserves.
However, the difference to well-off entrepreneurs is not primarily the bank balance, but the mindset. Entrepreneurs not only work “differently,” they also make their money work for them. They find creative ways to systematically generate a financial cushion and passive income.

In the joint workshop, we combine the entrepreneurial “financial mindset” with your existing (financial) resources and look together at what opportunities this can open up for you.

What awaits you in the “Financial Education” training?

  • Create your personal needs pyramid that will lay the foundation for your financial plan
  • Debunk your previous beliefs
  • Become a financial expert
  • Create your personal financial plan with the help of targeted coaching as well as training methods
  • Go into goal planning: you create your financial vision for your future

If you are ready to break the spiral of just taking and spending and want to discover new ways to get started financially, the Financial Independence Business Coaching is for you.

Who is the “Financial Education” training aimed at?

  • Companies that want to promote the financial education of their employees in a targeted and strategic manner
  • Female specialists and managers between the ages of 25 and 55 who want to strategically approach their personal financial planning using systemic methods and discover ways to achieve financial independence.
"If you have a lot of money, you can speculate. Those who have little money should not speculate. If you don't have money, you have to speculate."
André Kostolany

You decide whether and how your finances will develop - we accompany you with twice the training power

For my partner Dennis Jantsch and me, the framework conditions of our training courses are an ideal opportunity to offer female specialists and managers a safe place to talk about the important topics of money and investments: Money and investments.

This is particularly important to us, as we have noticed in our many years of work that female clients in particular often believe they have fewer financial skills. This does not mean keeping a budget book or checking the current account, but the attitude and beliefs that go hand in hand with this topic.
We talk openly about sexuality, religion or politics, but when it comes to our financial lives, our reaction is restrained and often secretive.
Financial responsibility is relinquished on the grounds that one has no idea about “money issues” and that there is a lack of transparency. Men, on the other hand, often feel left alone and sometimes overwhelmed with the responsibility over their financial lives and thus financial self-determination.

If you are ready to break the spiral of just earning and spending and want to discover new ways to get started financially, the Financial Literacy Coaching training is the right place for you.

This is what we want to change with the "Financial literacy" training course

Together, we look at the topic of personal finances from different perspectives, taking into account the individual starting conditions of the participants. It doesn’t matter whether you are at the beginning of your financial education or already in the middle of it. Together we will take a practical look at the current asset classes, the extent to which our beliefs still affect us and what “investing” can actually look like. We make sure that we speak the same language and make terms such as derivatives, interest rate effect and cost-average effect understandable and tangible so that all participants can confidently take their first steps in the investment field at the end of the workshop.

Companies, organizations and intuitions (universities, authorities, NGOs, etc.) receive from us as trainers concentrated methodological and knowledge competence in a double pack. However, we would like to take this opportunity to point out that our workshop format does not constitute investment advice.

What you can expect from the "Financial literacy" training:

  • The first step is to take the time to understand your current relationship with money. Their earliest memory, the way their parents talked about it, and the dialogue and stories that came up when they were in a tight (financial) situation.
  • Only by breaking down your inner attitude toward money and learning how it affects your interactions and relationships will we know if you are in lack or abundance here.
  • Scarcity is part of our cultural conditioning. We learn early on that there is not enough (money) to go around and generally believe that anything we associate with abundance in financial terms – a nice house, cars, valuables – would not be for us, but for others.
  • Financial literacy training is about discovering how you position yourself on the topic of money today and becoming clear about how you want to position yourself in the future. What would more money REALLY mean? Is that even the goal? How would you use it to empower yourself and achieve financial independence?
  • We also take a look at the most common asset classes and clear up seemingly complicated financial terminology.

Our goal: At the end, all participants will have the tools to strategically break down their financial situation, uncover financial potential and ultimately even make their first investment.

Request the "Financial literacy" workshop now

We offer this workshop throughout Germany. If you would like to take control of your own finances or support your female employees with their financial education, we look forward to hearing from you

    About the trainer

    Kinga Bartczak

    Kinga Bartczak is a multi-entrepreneur, organizational developer, trainer and mentor for companies and people who want to create real change in the world of work.

    As an expert in mindset management and certified systemic coach, she has been advising female entrepreneurs as well as female specialists and managers throughout Germany since 2018 in the areas of organizational development, leadership culture and personal branding.

    As a certified organizational developer and certified diversity trainer, she also works with her business partner Dennis Jantsch to support companies in change and awareness-raising processes.

    With her successful female empowerment online magazine FemalExperts, she has managed to generate more attention for female leadership strengths and the topic of female empowerment. With FemalExperts Consulting, she goes one step further to implement the topics of female empowerment and diversity as part of the corporate strategy in an advisory and training capacity for organizations.

    As an author, Kinga Bartczak has already written for national and international online magazines on trend topics such as personal branding, financial education, quiet quitting and women in entrepreneurship.

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