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What is storytelling?

Storytelling is the telling of stories. In this way, information as well as emotions are conveyed to interested parties. This can be done via voice, text, image or videos. Good stories inspire, captivate and enthrall.

The origins of storytelling date back to the Stone Age. Cave paintings and the first records and the oldest Chinese written testimonies from about 1,400 BC testify to the narrative ingenuity of our ancestors. Today, we find countless manifestations of storytelling in literature, movies, fables, myths and fairy tales, journalism, and even political speeches. As business storytelling it is mainly used in the areas of: Branding, Marketing, Advertising, PR (Public Relations), Leadership or Corporate Communications.

Possible areas of application for storytelling

  • Information sharing
  • Identifying problem solving strategies
  • Establishment of new thought processes
  • Imparting experience and knowledge
  • Motivation for action
  • Reflection of the own person and the way so far
  • Definition of role expectations
  • Expanding the repertoire of behaviors
  • Stimulation of behavioral changes
  • Development of the own personal branding as well as a corporate branding

Let's go on a journey together and take your personal, professional or entrepreneurial heroine journey to the world!

We want to be part of a story

People love stories and even more they love to be part of a story.

In my storytelling workshop we travel together through your history or that of your company, look at particularly impressive as well as inspiring incidents and note down the places, people and experiences that have left a trace in your professional/entrepreneurial life.

Storytelling is not a self-dramatization tool! This is not about talking about how great your life is or even making up stories or exposing yourself entirely in public spaces.

The art of storytelling makes it:

  • To create a character of identification and thereby create connectedness.
  • Making your person or product a point of attraction for others.
  • To inspire others and make them feel that their story is valuable too.
  • To present a heroine’s journey that creates a logical connection to who you are and the vision to which you are committed.
  • Encourage other heroines/heroes to join your journey and actively write your story.

For whom is the Storytelling workshop suitable?

  • Companies that want to make targeted use of storytelling as part of their positioning and personal branding.
  • Female professionals and executives who want to embrace the art of storytelling to inspire and excite others about themselves.
  • Public institutions as well as universities that want to support their female students in a targeted way to gain attention as scientists or (prospective) employees by means of storytelling.

5 reasons to book the storytelling workshop

After the storytelling workshop:

  1. Know the key aspects of strategic “storytelling” and know how to apply them.
  2. Have gained initial ideas to create your own story briefings.
  3. Know the essential aspects of your corporate as well as professional biography that make up the core points of your storytelling and you also know about those that you do not want to carry into the public space.
  4. Gain the courage to try out a prototyping of your first story live, adapt it and develop it further independently.
  5. Get strategies and methods for always getting new background on your story

Let's go on a journey together and take your personal, professional or entrepreneurial heroine journey to the world!

About the trainer

Kinga Bartczak

Kinga Bartczak is a multi-entrepreneur, organizational developer, trainer and mentor for companies and people who want to create real change in the world of work.

As an expert in mindset management and certified systemic coach, she has been advising female entrepreneurs as well as female specialists and managers throughout Germany since 2018 in the areas of organizational development, leadership culture and personal branding.

As a certified organizational developer and certified diversity trainer, she also works with her business partner Dennis Jantsch to support companies in change and awareness-raising processes.

With her successful female empowerment online magazine FemalExperts, she has managed to generate more attention for female leadership strengths and the topic of female empowerment. With FemalExperts Consulting, she goes one step further to implement the topics of female empowerment and diversity as part of the corporate strategy in an advisory and training capacity for organizations.

As an author, Kinga Bartczak has already written for national and international online magazines on trend topics such as personal branding, financial education, quiet quitting and women in entrepreneurship.

More about me.

For more information about me and my workshops, please visit:

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