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I would like to invite you to the community for female professionals, managers, entrepreneurs and businesswomen. A community that focuses on supporting each other.

True to the motto, “We rise by lifting others.”

Your entry into the FemalExperts Community

By participating in the FemalExperts community, you’ll develop an awareness of the latest business trends and innovative technologies. You’ll get tips on the hottest online tools and platforms, giving you an essential edge in your industry in a casual exchange.

What awaits you in the FemalExperts Community

Community meets online community

Not only the children of the 90s know from years of participation in forums and the lively exchange in chat programs, such as ICQ or AIM, that online networking is essential for personal, professional and entrepreneurial development.

In this context, online communities primarily offer intangible benefits that arise through communication with experts from all kinds of industries and fields.

In the process, a selfless online mentoring relationship develops that does not focus on its own business acumen, but instead focuses on cultivating a networking culture.

This network culture and thus also the FemalExperts community are characterized by the following components:

  • High-quality knowledge transfer and exchange of experience.
  • Discussions with competitors, experts or potential customers.
  • Recommending vacancies and promoting vacancies outside of the public space.
  • Support in the context of solution-finding processes.
  • The emergence of collaborative opportunities.
  • Strengthening of own self-confidence and individual growth, through direct feedback and professional feedback.
  • The joint support and “visualization” of supply as well as demand.
  • Communication and networking with potential clients or investors.
  • Promoting a diverse discourse (beyond one’s own “filter bubble”) in which one can not only passionately participate oneself, but also grow from it.

Why more female networks are needed

You still need a little time to think about it and would like to spend it with facts, figures and data that might make your decision a little easier? Then I’d like to recommend some statistics below that show why it takes active networking to promote female visibility so that there is an increase in equality in the future.

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Take advantage of the experience, know-how and previous knowledge of other female role models and expand your horizons. At the same time, the FemalExperts community offers you the opportunity to introduce yourself and impress with your experience or knowledge, which will enable you to attract the attention of other female professionals, executives and/or entrepreneurs and convince them of your merits.

The FemalExperts community is not about maximizing profits or using an online platform as an advertising event. This is about adding value to the group, sharing and promoting each other.

You want to become part of the FemalExperts community, then I welcome you!

Who the FemalExperts community is aimed at:

The FemalExperts Community is aimed at:

  • Power women who want to pass on their knowledge and experience
  • Female role models from all industries and with all career paths
  • Women who want empowerment, orientation, encouragement and support on their professional or entrepreneurial journey
  • Rebellious women who want to shed the corset of social norms and live their professional dreams
  • Women who would like to deal with themselves and others in an appreciative way

Your personal preparation - From network novice to network professional

My article on networking:

If you’re not sure what “netiquette” should be maintained in analog or online networking, I can recommend my article “Networking like a pro – Why professional success is no coincidence.”

The networking kit for real networking heroines:

You want to go one step further and become a real network heroine? Then I wouldn’t want to deprive you of my free networking kit and wish you every success in making your first successful business contacts!

Professional Networking” workshop for aspiring networking professionals:

You’ve already read my article, meticulously gone through the networking kit and are already part of the FemalExperts community, and yet that’s not enough for you to set yourself up professionally in the networking field?

Then enter the next level of networking with my specially designed and customized workshop for you and/or your company/institution on the topic: “Professional Networking”.

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