"The brightest ideas emerge when diversity meets inclusion and women take the stage."

Consulting, training and lectures on female empowerment, diversity and personal branding for companies, organizations and universities.

Consulting, training and lectures on female empowerment, diversity and personal branding for companies, organizations and universities.

Kinga Bartczak - Entrepreneur, Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Female Empowerment & Diversity Trainer

I am a multi-entrepreneur, publisher, business consultant, mentor, female empowerment & diversity trainer and business coach for companies that want to change the world.

As an expert in female empowerment, diversity and organizational consulting, I advise companies and female executives throughout Germany in the areas of Leadership development, organizational development, leadership culture, diversity and employer branding.

As a Female Empowerment & Diversity Trainer, I help companies, organizations and universities to achieve this:

  • Strengthen your internal female network through inspiring training in the areas of personal branding, leadership development and networking
  • Create an understanding of the different approaches to leadership and management
  • Improve the strategic management skills of female employees by teaching them to make better decisions, lead collaboratively, delegate with confidence and inspire their team with new ideas
  • Preparing diverse teams for a diverse and innovative future through awareness raising, skillset training and a comprehensive implementation of a diversity management strategy
  • Developing the core elements of the individual personal brand and thereby developing female managers into corporate ambassadors (brand ambassadors for the company)
  • Understanding networking as a success factor and making it a targeted experience for female employees

For whom are coaching, consulting or a female empowerment workshop the right thing?

  • For companies looking for a trainer who offers interactive workshops in the areas of personal branding, communication, presentation, leadership & management as well as targeted networking for female specialists and managers.
  • Specialists and managers who want to support their female employees with new and innovative concepts and thus not only increase their satisfaction in their daily work, but also improve their overall work performance.
  • Universities, authorities and/or other (public) institutions that are looking for a female trainer to provide targeted support for an event(female empowerment workshop, panel discussion, events) through specialist knowledge, methodological competence and rhetorical finesse.

Business coaching is aimed specifically at companies that want to support individual female specialists and managers in their personal and professional careers.
Through innovative methods, current topic-specific content and a coaching process whose positive side effects include insight, reflection, processing, change and, in some cases, detachment. The same applies to consulting as well as female empowerment workshops and training sessions, in which we will work on the professional and communicative expertise of your team and your entire organization.

Our cooperation in consulting

I provide you and your organisation with long-term support in the areas of consulting: Shared leadership, diversity, female networks, employer and personal branding and much more. We work specifically on your individual, entrepreneurial challenges and I am at your side as a sparring partner and source of inspiration. I am looking forward to your inquiry.

How can you imagine the Business Coaching?

I offer business coaching for companies, organizations and universities throughout Germany on the following topics Personal branding (positioning), professional goal setting & decision making as well as targeted network building.
The individual coaching sessions are also possible completely online. As a special offer, I have developed Female Online Coaching for you. We will be happy to clarify the exact time and organizational scope of a business coaching session in our initial meeting.

Please note: My services can only be booked in the B2B sector, i.e. in cooperation with companies, organizations (authorities, NGOs or public bodies) and universities in all sectors. We are happy to get to know each other on the phone to see if I can support you before you contact your employer.

Business workshops and training on female empowerment & diversity

As a woman in a management position, we have special challenges to overcome. In addition to their professional expertise, they need above all conflict management skills and confidence in their leadership role. My business workshops and training courses help your female employees to determine their own personal position as a female manager so that they can assert themselves even more powerfully and authentically in their leadership role.

For all who want inspiration and energy!

As a charismatic keynote speaker for female empowerment and personal development Kinga Bartczak inspires the audience.

News on female empowerment, diversity and personal branding

In my Female Empowerment blog you will find an exciting variety of inspiring articles on the topics of: Female Empowerment, Diversity, Personal Branding, Entrepreneurship, Storytelling or Authenticity.

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Customer testimonials

Marlene Amalie Magerls Profilfoto
As my mentor since 2021, Kinga has guided me on my journey into entrepreneurship and through the challenges of my field of work as an entrepreneur/ doctor-to-be/ budding scientist. Kinga is methodically excellent, totally empathic and incredibly generous: with her time, her resources, her experience and her network, which she opened for me without hesitation. If you are looking for an enthousiastic and motivating coach, trainer or mentor who embodies female empowerment with everything she does, Kinga is the right person for you. Thanks for everything Kinga, I look forward to continuing to work with you!
Marlene Amalie Magerls
Coach and consultant for mental health at work
Business coaching with a lot of personality... As a highly sensitive "imposter" (imposter syndrome), it is incredibly good not to be judged, but simply to be heard and accepted. Thank you for that! I have also grown, gained self-love and been able to better grasp my uniqueness. All appointments were punctual and 100% reliable. I will continue coaching for a while in the new year. A clear recommendation!
Lena D.
Ilka Groenwold
We would like to thank Kinga Bartczak for the wonderful impulses on the topic "With personal branding to professional and entrepreneurial success" at the XING Breakfast on September 8, 2020. Kinga impressed the more than 100 participants both in terms of content and personality. We are happy to recommend business coach Kinga Bartczak to others and are already looking forward to our next collaboration with this powerful woman.
Ilka Groenewold
XING Ambassador
"Ms. Bartczak was an absolute stroke of luck: Her always appreciative way of dealing with me and my inner hurdles has made me go back to work with vigor and joy. With methods that were individually tailored to me, she made it possible for me to perceive myself as a strong person again. I can really recommend coaching with Ms. Bartczak!"
Michaela K.
"I am extremely impressed with Kinga's expertise but also her warm personality. I felt in good hands at all times!"
"Kinga is an inspiring personality! She uses her skills to help others become the best version of themselves. In doing so, she manages to adapt to the individual needs of her coachees. She was able to put herself in my shoes very well and gave me several tools to overcome negative beliefs. I wish her all the best and can unreservedly recommend her as a professional coach for business owners and entrepreneurs!"
"Very professional collaboration and very pleasant to work with. I can only recommend! Keep up the good work, Kinga!"
Rosie F.

Female empowerment tools for your success

Selected tools such as checklists, guides and workbooks not only support the daily work of numerous coaches, but can also be used for self-coaching. You are welcome to try out the free offers on your way to more female empowerment.

What you can expect from working with me:

I accompany your employees on their journey and coordinate the structure and the joint process of our collaboration. My coachees are the experts for any content.

Emphatic and constructivist approach

There is no "right" or "wrong" way to assess your personal situation. I listen to you impartially, never judgmentally and always with appreciation.

Integrity and seriousness

Companies, organizations and universities benefit from having a consultant, trainer or business coach at their side who is consistent, honest and transparent in her didactics as well as in her conduct. I ensure that the information I provide is correct and up-to-date and that my customers always receive constructive feedback. Furthermore, I undertake to treat confidential information or personal experiences of the participants confidentially and to offer the learners a safe environment.

Holistic, feminist and transparent

As a consultant, trainer and coach, I take a holistic approach and consider the cognitive, emotional, social and physical aspects of my clients and participants. I pursue a feminist approach that advocates equality and opposes gender stereotypes. I create an inclusive learning environment that recognizes and values everyone's perspectives and experiences. In this role, I communicate transparently and openly about my methods, goals and expectations. This enables them to better understand the learning process and actively participate in it.

Systemic, integrative and solution-oriented approaches

I don't rely on the "tried and tested", but use intuitive and individual creativity techniques as part of our joint collaboration.

I am a proud mentor, supporting member, supporter or cooperation partner of:

Welcome to the FemalExperts Community

I have set up the FemalExperts Community to promote exchange among like-minded women, where we discuss numerous female empowerment topics such as financial education, conscious leadership, female entrepreneurship and much more.
True to the motto: We Rise By Lifting Others.

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