Business Coaching "Personal Branding"

How to increase your presence

You know those people who walk into the room and immediately grab the attention of everyone present? You think this is related to their appearance or social status?

Then I have interesting news for you:

Your own personal branding depends on only one component: Your personal self-perception. We see the proof not only in our private lives, but especially in the world of work.

Would you like to appear more confident, self-assured and presentable in your professional life in the future?

Then I look forward to your inquiry.

Out of the Gender Trap with Business Coaching "Personal Branding

Many women are intelligent, determined and work hard to achieve success. However, their presence is often simply not noticed. They are always supposed to be level-headed, harmonious and conciliatory, which means that anything deviant is seen as “not conforming to the norm”.

Of course, one might think that this attitude has possibly outlived its usefulness in the 21st century, but existing “gender bias”, the “gender pay gap ” or even the “gender pension gap” and the necessary introduction of the women’s quota speak a different language.

As a result, women are often passed over for leadership in projects (and instead get to write the minutes in the team meeting), no need is seen for a raise, and their leadership skills are doubted.

By strengthening your own personal branding, you can permanently escape this cycle.

"There are only two days in your life that you can't change: One is yesterday and the other is tomorrow."
Dalai Lama

For whom is this business coaching exactly the right thing?

For those who raise their hands first in meetings to take on tasks and responsibilities, but want to become even more visible.

For those who want to share their ideas with others and actively lead discussions.

For those who want to create a comprehensive network in their work environment consisting of advocates and supporters.

For those who want to be more confident and self-assured day after day.

This behaviour stands out and this influences people and decisions. It is not necessary to be a naturally extroverted person, because even the “analysts” among the managers manage to advance professionally, not because they are the “loudest”, but because they act confidently and strategically.

Would you like to appear more confident, self-assured and presentable in your professional life in the future?

Then I look forward to your inquiry.

On the way to more self-worth and self-confidence

Healthy self-presentation is not an innate privilege, you can learn it.

We actively work on your self-worth, dissolve beliefs and actively invest in your professional future.

You can now leave your place on the bench of the working world with a big leap, because today your very own change begins.

I can actively support you in business coaching "personal branding" if.

  • you want to strengthen your appearance and your external impact
  • You want to find out which limiting beliefs prevent you from appearing self-confident and confident.
  • You want to take an active role in the “leadership game” by acting strategically.
  • You want to appear more self-confident and authentic without losing yourself in a role you do not want to take on.
  • You want to positively influence the decisions of others through good personal branding, far from manipulation or other “power games
  • You want to be perceived not only as an employee or manager, but also as a “brand
  • You want to actively strengthen your presence not only in the analogue but also in the digital sphere and thus also expand your network.

Would you like to appear more confident, self-assured and presentable in your professional life in the future?

Then I look forward to your inquiry.

About the Business Coach

Kinga Bartczak

Kinga Bartczak is an entrepreneur, trainer and mentor for women who want to change the world.

Since 2018, she has also been a certified systemic coach and supports women on their path to professional success.

With her successful business blog (femalexperts.de), she has managed to generate more attention for female leadership strengths and the topic of female empowerment.

As an author, Kinga Bartczak has already written for national (StartupValley) and international (The Devi) online magazines on trendy topics such as financial intelligence and women in entrepreneurship.

As an expert in mindset management, she also advises female entrepreneurs and female professionals and managers throughout Germany in the areas of organisational development, leadership culture and personal branding.

More about me.

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