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Our collaboration in mentoring

In mentoring, we work on your professional and personal development over a longer period of time. It is thus aimed primarily at female managers and entrepreneurs who want to develop and advance.

Throughout the process, you have complete freedom to decide which current issues of your professional and business life we want to work on in intensive and confidential sessions. As a mentor, you will receive feedback, information and impulses from me. In addition, we plan your next steps and goals and discuss leadership issues, decisions as well as strategies.

Complementary to our mentoring sessions, my expertise as an expert and mentor is always available to you.

The mentoring process

The joint mentoring follows a clear process, which, however, is permanently designed by the participants. The mentoring sessions can be attended as face-to-face or online appointments (via ZOOM, Skype or Microsoft Teams).

My online appointments are particularly popular due to the fact that they are independent of location and save time.

Get to know each other in person

Initial interview

We will arrange a free, initial phone consultation. Here we talk about your concern(s) and how a longer-term cooperation can look like. We clarify organizational matters and already set initial dates for the mentoring sessions. These can also be arranged in the evenings and on weekends.
Get to know each other in person
Content orientation

Mentoring session

In our first session, we discuss your concerns in detail, prioritize the individual topics and start the mentoring process directly.
Content orientation
Situation and target analysis


In this phase, we look at all emotions, situation descriptions, and problem representations and bring them into a clear context with each other. This involves the use of targeted coaching methods for personal development. Conflicts, beliefs as well as current situations in your professional or entrepreneurial everyday life will be considered together and solution strategies will be developed.
Situation and target analysis
Concretize change processes


Perhaps the most important phase in our collaboration as mentor and mentee is change. Here, it is important to get into action and to implement solution strategies that have already been developed. As a mentor, I will be at your side as an expert and a source of inspiration.
Concretize change processes
Securing results and conclusion

Other accompaniment

After the mentoring goals defined at the beginning have been achieved, a final meeting takes place in which we recapitulate the joint process and can also arrange meetings for further mentoring.
Securing results and conclusion

What are the differences between
Business coaching and mentoring?

Coaching and mentoring are both ways to grow professionally. Below you will find differences, characteristics and examples of application of these two disciplines.



Within the individual coaching sessions, specific challenges are worked on, goals are defined and subsequently measures for implementation are determined.



Mentoring is about a trusting relationship between mentor and mentee. Often it is topics such as the further development of self-awareness, self-confidence and one's own network that are in the foreground.

short term

In business coaching, on average, you work with each other within 5-7 coaching sessions until individual goals are achieved. A longer coaching process is also possible, but no dependency relationship should arise.


Mentoring is based on a long-term relationship and is not for short-term skill acquisition. Mentoring goals are worked on for the long term. Contact between mentor and mentee usually continues after the joint sessions have ended.


Often, the coach's role is to improve the coachee's performance (see contract coaching). This includes, above all, performance and task-related work.


Mentoring is about developing a person, not doing a task - that's the big difference between mentoring and coaching.

Conclusion: Coaching is task-oriented, rather short-term and in most cases performance-oriented. Mentoring is based on a constantly evolving relationship, has a long-term focus, and aims to initiate lasting developments.

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