Professional business coaching: from lifestyle service to entrepreneurial value-added factor

If you want to meet the requirements of the new economy, it’s easy to do so: Just be like a machine – don’t complain, be available at all times, and comply with all requests as quietly as possible.

Anyone with a modicum of expertise should rightly cry out in outrage at this point, because we expect much more from each other (and from professional life) than mindless filing and constant participation in meeting marathons.

But how do you find the antidote to career trance and mindless work autopilot?

Professional success through a change of perspective

One option is professional business coaching.

I know what you’re thinking: Seriously? Coaching cannot be the solution to all problems, and you are right about that.

Coaching can give you something that no motivational meeting speech or pay raise ever will: It promotes flexibility of perspective.

We humans are truly unique in our nature, because we are the only living beings whose prefrontal cortex enables us to simulate future scenarios in our heads and thereby develop suitable action strategies. I have already described this process and its advantages in detail in my article on counterfactual thinking.

However, lest we become entangled in the web of counterfactual thinking, schemas, cultural dimensions, and external environmental influences must not be ignored. These are like maps that subconsciously navigate us through our (professional) lives.

Within the framework of business coaching, these maps are strategically decoded and the inner parameters are thereby readjusted. As a result, established patterns of thinking and behavior can be exposed and dissolved.

The goal here is to expose the subconscious “blind spots” that are the cause of increasing dissatisfaction, feelings of stress and lack of creativity in the professional, corporate and personal context.

From self-perfection to resource-oriented self-image

To all employers: By the way, business coaching is not a “lifestyle service”, on the contrary, because it promotes:

  1. Executive functions, such as planning and decision-making by internalizing solutions. Here, success in the profession is not attributed to external factors, but to the direct performance of the individual. It also increases one’s self-efficacy and sovereignty in one’s job, which is especially important for leaders.
  2. Leadership skills, such as purposeful resource planning and strategic self-distancing. In this context, systemic questions and methods from the field of resource activation are primarily used in order to make a client aware of his/her own strengths. It’s not called that for nothing:

    “If you want to lead others, you must first learn to lead yourself.”

    Only those who learn by means of professional coaching to promote their own resources properly and to withdraw unerringly or intervene consciously in conflict situations can subsequently promote these skills in others.
  1. The change in perspective mentioned earlier. Within the framework of constellation or timeline work, emotional bonds and relationships are explored, inner parts are questioned, and changes in perspective are introduced in order to view problems and situations from a variety of perspectives and to promote the client’s ability to find solutions.

Business coaching as a value-adding factor

Business coaching is not only critical for individuals to remain professionally and personally resilient and to strengthen their own sovereignty. In return, it is a decisive factor for companies to activate, promote and maintain the health, satisfaction and innovative power of their most important resource, the human being.

For this reason, business coaching for the professional success of employees should be part of the support portfolio of every company in order to continue to be perceived as an attractive employer for young talent.

The question now is:

Are you ready to overcome your aversion to an unconventional and new approach to consulting and instead give in to your curiosity and move with the times?

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