Female Entrepreneurship Guide

As a female entrepreneur and with the topic of “Female Entrepreneurship”, I sometimes feel like a “curiosity” in a world where I am accepted but viewed with astonishment, awe or suspicion.

Yes, the statistics are clear: we women start up far too rarely and unfortunately also give up far too early. However, this is not because we are not up to the task, but because we are running out of capital, support or resources to establish ourselves as entrepreneurs on the market in the long term.

Why we doubt independence

Sometimes we discard self-reliance before it can even take shape because we:

  • doubt our abilities
  • not know how to start
  • Supporters are missing
  • Simply underestimate the time or capital investment involved in self-employment.
  • have many ideas and dreams, but do not have a clear vision

I, too, have found myself facing one or the other of the above challenges and would like to share my experiences with (aspiring) female entrepreneurs – because the world needs more female entrepreneurship!

When faced with new opportunities, threats, or possibilities in business, a positive money mindset allows you to see possible positive outcomes instead of feeling fear.

Cultivating a strong, positive money mentality allows us to grow in the future instead of stagnating or moving backwards.

In the Female Entrepreneurship Guide you will find:

  1. Important tips and tricks for getting started as an entrepreneur
  2. Interactive exercises to find out which vision you want to follow
  3. Concrete to-dos to avoid getting lost in the entrepreneurial jungle
  4. Strategic advice on which action steps you should take on your way to self-employment and which questions you need to ask yourself in this context

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Something missing from the Female Entrepreneurship Guide?

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