The Himawari Principle -
The right tool for your personality development

Get the clarity
about your needs and feelings

I consider myself a mentor for women who want to change the world.

But that was not always the case. I have not been able to complain so far. I had a secure job, a steady income, lived in a beautiful city and had a loving partner – But something crucial was missing.

I dream of doing work that really matters, creating things that only I can create, and wondered what it would be like to work in a way that felt fulfilling and meaningful.

One day the signs were suddenly there
and I knew

No more holding back!

No more waiting for the perfect moment!

No more apologies!

No more procrastination!

No more (persistent) self-doubt!

For this reason I have
developed the Himawari principle.

The Himawari Principle is a coaching tool that is designed to support you in determining where you stand with regard to your goals, which will ultimately point the way forward.

Here it is not only important to focus on the related indicators such as time, money or family support, but also to deal with the basic principles of one’s own identity.

Thus, the Himawari principle helps you to get more clarity about the current “as-is” situation and equally to find out which values, needs and feelings you associate with it.

“Himawari” is a Japanese term meaning “sunflower”. This is perfectly suitable as an allegory of our life. In the exterior are all the indicators that influence us. The core, however, carries the answers to our questions.

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