The Money Mindset Guide

About money woman does not talk! Or is it?

Money: Everyone needs it, but few like to talk about it. Finances and investments are almost inexhaustible topics. In the Money Mindset Guide, we dive into how a positive mindset about money can take your business, as well as your personality, from surviving to thriving.

What do I mean by money mindset anyway?

Money mindset also means the so-called money mentality and this is an overarching mindset, attitude and feeling that you have towards money and your own financial situation. The money mentality can be an attitude of abundance or scarcity and influences our decisions in our professional as well as personal lives.

When faced with new opportunities, threats, or possibilities in business, a positive money mindset allows you to see possible positive outcomes instead of feeling fear.

Cultivating a strong, positive money mentality allows us to grow in the future instead of stagnating or moving backwards.

This is what you will find in the Money Mindset Guide

  1. Things to know about your financial education and financial freedom
  2. What type of investor are you?
  3. What are the investment opportunities?
  4. 7 financial steps to get right into action
  5. Finance channels, websites and literature

Why you should start looking at your own finances today

Gender pay gap, gender pension gap, and financial dependency are just a few buzzwords when it comes to the need for female financial empowerment. Above all, our beliefs often keep us from taking moderate risks, which is why we don’t take action. Yet it is through such risks that we can counteract inequalities.

Gender Pay Gap Statistics

So that you don’t have to walk your path to financial freedom alone, I’d like to give you some initial guidance with the Money Mindset Guide. I am also happy to support you with my professional business coaching “Financial Independence”. It’s time for the business and financial world to become more female!

Download theMoneyMindset Guide now!

Let time and money work for you. What it takes is a dose of financial literacy and the courage to get into action. The Money Mindset Guide starts right here and is designed to help you make your next, financial decisions.

Note: All of the following texts as well as notes and information do not constitute investment advice or a recommendation to buy or sell securities (§ 85 WpHG). They are for general and non-binding information only.

Missing something in the Money Mindset Guide?

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