The time management kit

What's in the time management kit

Time management is what you make of it. Don’t flagellate yourself by the regulations of others. You decide independently what finds place on your to-do list and what does not.

For this reason, I have also set the special section “Other tasks” in my time management kit. Here you can write down the items that have not found a place within the week, but that you do not want to lose sight of.

It was important to me to provide you with an interactive list so that you can enter creative phases, thoughts and rest periods at any time and not just fill the whole plan with important tasks that “absolutely” have to be done.

The time management kit includes individualized and designed templates for:

  • Your daily planning
  • Your weekly planning
  • Your monthly planning
  • Your notes

How to deal with these schedules?

The daily schedule is something for “hot phases”. If you have a project that needs to be finished urgently, you can use this plan to work on tasks or work packages in a focused way.

The weekly plan goes one step further and supports you in structuring your tasks. Daily to-dos, appointments or individual project tasks can be entered here.

The monthly plan serves as a general overview. Here you can enter your most important appointments or to-dos in short bullet points to keep them always in view.

Take your time planning into your own hands

If you need more tips and tricks about scheduling and would like to learn how to positively change your personal attitude towards it, I would also like to recommend my article

“Time Management – A Chance to Create Inner Peace?”

Don’t let others schedule your time and life, take planning into your own hands.

Let's go: Download your own time management kit now!

I wish you much success with your time management kit

You can use all three plans in parallel. This way you can hang up the monthly plan centrally and within sight and use the weekly plan for general structuring. From this, you can then pick a central task and plan it intensively in the daily schedule.

For my part, I adapt my usage behavior to the diversity of my projects and usually use 2 to 3 plans in parallel.

If you would like further support in the area of time management in order to implement your professional and/or business challenges in a targeted manner, I would be happy to offer you my support in the form of individual and efficient coaching.

Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the schedules.

Do you have feedback or suggestions?

Then I look forward to your feedback. I will consider your feedback in future updates of the kit. Feel free to write me at info@kingabartczak.de.

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