Business Coaching – The Revolution in Human Resources Development

Commissioned coaching or business coaching often means a dilemma for coaches, clients and ultimately also for the clients.

Why? Well, because expectations often differ from coaching reality.

As a coach, I want to be an expert in the structural process. As a neutral authority and with the help of appropriate methods, I thus support my clients specifically in their individual cognitive process and help them plan personal and professional goals.

Clients often have a skeptical attitude in the area of commissioned coaching if they have not selected the coaching themselves and do not know whether it only serves the goals of the management level.

It is therefore not surprising that the central coaching topics correlate strongly with the challenges in business (as of 2015).

Business coaching is seen as a trend by many companies without them really looking at the substance of what it entails.

Why business coaching can be a gamechanger

In our ever-changing (working) world, employers and employees are faced with new challenges. Constantly desired effectiveness, constant accessibility and increasing pressure to perform are also reflected in health.

Coaching cannot work miracles, but I reveal you a secret: it can provide clarity and initiate change.

In the case of commissioned coaching by a company, the Ideally, this is the case when all three parties (coach, client, and coachee/client) come together and jointly discuss the actual goal of the Coaching talk. Of course, this may change in the course of the coaching process change, which is why transparency is essential. Clients can be certain at all times that no details from the coaching sessions themselves leaks out (keyword: duty of confidentiality).

During the booked sessions the client recognizes “where the shoe pinches”, what he/she wishes for and what his/her heart beats for.

That is wonderful! Because as a managing director you can accompany this valuable process. If you are a managing director (provided the client wishes) knows the result of the coaching, it is possible to this way, plan the further, joint steps.

Coaching can accordingly be seen as a valuable support in the area of personality development, which are correspondingly also has a strong influence on the professional context.

By investing specifically in your employees’ personal happiness, you gain their trust and preserve the most important thing they can offer you: Their lifetime.

Joint growth, instead of optimization mania

Coaching is not a trend and it is not Optimization tool.

Coaching means to become aware of oneself and one’s open View situations with different lenses to take different perspectives and give themselves the opportunity to to grow individually and to “recognize” what is really important for you. itself is.

You can shape this cognition process together, so that ultimately personal and professional growth can take place. Here new goals, ideas or changes can be worked out, previously undiscovered resources awakened and subliminal (inner) conflicts resolved be

Coaching is clear, transparent, methodical and systemic. It serves your own personal and professional goals – without coercion, Restrictions or requirements.

Ultimately, you decide: How much is your own happiness (and that of your employees) worth to you? Let me know.

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