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What is the Vision Retirement coaching tool about?

“Retirement Vision
is based on Prof. Dr. Manuel Tusch, graduate psychologist, and is ideally suited for getting to know the coach and client. This is used to create a pleasant mood and induce positive target states through a trance. In the broadest sense, Vision Retirement can be compared to a guided meditation.

What you can expect from Vision Retirement

  1. New perspectives
  2. More clarity and motivation
  3. Increase self-efficacy and self-confidence
  4. Facilitation of decision making
  5. Constructive approaches to action in times of change

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Become your own coach and use the tools of self-coaching

Self-coaching is a method that can be used by anyone. Self-coaching methods and tools can be used to develop one’s own personality independently.

It thus offers the possibility to recognize obstructive patterns of thinking and behavior and to dissolve them if necessary. It can also help in activating one’s own resources as well as awakening potentials.

Do you have questions or suggestions regarding the coaching tool "Vision Retirement"?

Then I am happy to receive your feedback. Feel free to write me at info@kingabartczak.de. I look forward to offering you guided coaching tools via video or audio in the future.

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