The Art of Personal Branding – The Brand “I” as a Success Factor for Your Career

Dear women, we need to talk!

If we want to finally take off as a leader and do so because of our strategic thinking, subject matter expertise, and/or ability to handle difficult situations, personal branding is key.

More visibility through personal branding

Personal branding allows you to be in the decisive moment on the radar of managing directors, human resources managers and Headhunters to come. When your true talents are recognized, it is far more likely that you will be considered for relevant and interesting tasks in be considered and it helps you to stand out in the tough competitive environment to take off.

Maintaining your personal brand supports you in this, to convince colleagues of their merits, to be successful with cooperation partners and customers are more likely to be considered for promotion. and to establish a distinctive “standing” for herself as an entrepreneur. create

Personal branding as a security anchor

Your brand is also a strong hedge against unemployment. When it comes to layoffs or cutbacks at your company, it’s far more likely that you will quickly attract the attention of another company if you have a certain level of expertise in your field. Have reputation. So you can as a specialist, presentation artist, be perceived as an extraordinary manager or special mediator and this arouses interest and professional desire among competitors, customers and Principals.

Branding challenges

However, personal branding includes some challenges for female professionals and managers. Gender norms presuppose that women should be pleasant to deal with, warm-hearted and in need of harmony. Should they violate these norms, such as when they make a difficult decision, take a strong stand, or portray themselves in a positive light, they are often punished for this behavior in ways that men rarely experience.

Surely one or the other of you has already seen public Experienced criticism and was deemed “too aggressive” or “bossy” or “bossy” because they have adopted the typical gender bias triggered behaviors, did not want to bend.

But how can you as a woman, despite this challenge, maintain a robust develop personal brand?


With the help of intensive coaching conversations, personal experiences as an employee as well as an entrepreneur and through exchange with colleagues, I have compiled the tips listed below especially for you:

1) Become an expert in storytelling

Staying with your introduction to another person you during the greeting usually only one or two sentences to make a create unforgettable impression.

Help others follow the path of your professional journey to understand by explaining to them how your previous skills are related to your professional future in coherence.

Use questions about yourself (in both personal and professional contexts) to subtly highlight your skills. To do this, tell a short and concise story that ultimately not only includes your current job title, but creates context. In this way, people associate a brand with a story that remains in their memory and inspires them. Always remain calm and rely on your natural composure to persuade others.

2) Use the visual perception of your counterpart in personal branding.

No matter how many times we humans can describe ourselves as “free from rating”, experience speaks a different language. We evaluate others within 3-6 seconds, and that’s before our counterpart has even begun to speak. Take advantage of this visual impression:

Make-up, clothes, accessories – all these are elements with which we can emphasize our personality. This is not about superficialities. It’s more about making a statement through presence and charisma.

3) Create trust

Do your best to gain the trust of your counterpart so you can build business relationships and expand your social network. Think about the basic needs: If you fulfill them, you can convince virtually any person about you, because you offer a solution that others do not have. So here the principle applies: First give and then take!

4) Use a co-branding partnership

Presentations, workshops, podcast interviews or webinars with female colleagues serve to build your brand. The assumption that competitors and Market companions do not want to work together is wrong. Often these equally interested in new formats that they can try out together and can try out. In this way, you benefit from each other’s reach and learn to some things to it yourself.

5) Focus on specific social networks.

There are many channels of communication. To promote a personal brand, choose a social network where your target audience interacts and update it regularly. Report on your projects and publications and share information about your professional events. The important thing is: create valuable content that is exciting and interesting for others, not just serving people’s voyeurism.

6) Become the network queen

Network inside and outside your company. Too many P&MS and women entrepreneurs over-index on “bonding capital,” to use a term popularized by Harvard sociologist Robert Putnam, and under-invest in “bridging capital.” In other words, they have too many connections that are similar to them (they work in the same company or industry) and nowhere near enough that are different from them. Look for diversity in your network and create connections beyond your personal industry.

7) Stick to your values and your promises

Anyone who interacts contrary to his values will be target group very quickly exposed, leading to disastrous consequences of personal brands can lead. So keep your promises to maintain the reputation of a responsible and trustworthy personality. Eight However, you here to not defend your reputation at all costs. Is your health or even your personal existence in danger, it is better to Admitting mistakes and living with the loss of some supporters than to slander themselves.

8) Win advocates for yourself and ask for help.

Personal recommendations and good public reviews are not only indispensable for the success of a company, but also for your Personal Branding. Tell your network about your projects, meetings, workshops or programs and gain the support of your Advocates, so that they confirm your successes, recommend you to others, and if necessary support even in more difficult times. Particularly critical phases, find In doing so, you will be helping people who are willing to help you without offering anything in return. require.

9) Share your ideas publicly.

Personal Branding Portrait

Many women may feel uncomfortable when they are talk about their achievements, as this is where the famous “impostor syndrome” reports. However, there are other ways to demonstrate your subject matter expertise. than shooting Instagram videos, for example. The creation of Content is an interesting opportunity to share your ideas and thus get position itself as a “brand” within its own company.

You can also volunteer, for example, to to hold a meeting and provide information on a topic that is of interest in the interest of the company. Write for the company newsletter or offer a complete workshop format, would be further ways to to bring one’s own person into the entrepreneurial focus.

Many female professional and managerial staff underestimate the own possibilities of self-presentation. You assume that your ideas do not resonate, distract them from their “real work,” or even damage their reputation.

But content creation and the use of Possibilities of self-presentation can also be completely unexpected Open up possibilities. So don’t let critical statements irritate, because these say more about the people who express them than about the person who receives them.

10) Promote your personal and professional development

In the online world, information quickly becomes outdated. So always evolve, keep up to date with the trends of tomorrow, work on your personal growth and pull Conclusions from everything you experience and learn.

Basically, the more knowledge and emotional intelligence you have, the more valuable your personal brand will become.

11) Always stay true to yourself

Although you will be aligned with a target audience, you will be not happy when you decide to be someone else and thereby deceiving others and themselves. A personal brand is about about your extraordinary qualities and a strong charisma. When you stay true to yourself, you can interact authentically, stereotype counteract and unfold.

Sure, we should be responsive to the needs of our target group enter. But always remember that a visionary mind is not always meets with approval and you should be able to withstand resistance.

A quote from Henry Ford comes to mind:

If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.

Henry Ford

Start with your own branding

Personal branding is about setting boundaries to and to look for unusual solutions. Set clear goals, strengthen your personal self-worth, build a professional network and develop your personal horizon

Don’t be a copy – Create yourself as a own incomparable brand.

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